Swiss Startup Guide
From the Idea to a Successful Company


Dear Reader

This is already the 9th edition of the Swiss Startup Guide and
again available as hardcopy but also online, or

The Swiss Venture Guide’s intention remains to give

  • future and actual entrepreneurs
  • investors and industrial companies
  • students
  • politicians and civil servants and
  • the general public

a quicker introduction and better understanding of the Innovation Ecosystem in Switzerland.

In the Swiss Startup Guide 2017 edition you will find again

  • interesting Cover Stories
  • 20 Start-up Companies we believe are on the way to success

I wish you an encouraging reading, hope to meet you soon

Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier

Managing Director Swiss Startup Invest

digitalswitzerland – Swiss Startup Invest

Dear Readers

The Swiss Startup Invest association will join the initiative
digitalswitzerland from 1 January 2018. We
strongly believe that this will allow us to further
strengthen the Swiss start-up ecosystem.


DR. CHRISTIAN WENGER, Chairman (right)

Start-ups on the Way to Success

In this section Swiss High Tech companies on the way to success are presented.

The criteria for selection were:

  • closing of one or several financial rounds > CHF 1 Mio. and/or
  • having paying customers or a product ready for the market entry.

One other interesting aspect of the presented companies is, that all of them took advantage of most Swiss support organizations and/or got involved with investors linked to CTI Invest.


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